to make editorís profiles public in an attempt to share its expertise and ability with clients

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK 19th March, 2016 - has started a comprehensive plan to make the profiles of its editors available on its website. The provider says that the move will just help shed some light on the people who have made it the best editors in personal statements. notes that it was been waiting for the right time to do this. It seems that time has now arrived. There is also a big chance that the editor will provide an option for customers to choose editors who they feel fit the expertise they are looking for to do professional editing and also writing. has also added that there will be a ranking method whereby the top writers will appear on the first few results when searched. There is also a plan to provide direct contact information to writers but the professional editing service provider says that it is nnot there yet. No other editing company in the market offers public profiles of staff.
Many companies consider this a big risk but says with the right approach and strategy, customers can be easily notified who does their orders and this will in the long run help build a good relationship of trust between the professional editing services team and the rest of the customers who make the company what it is. is confident that the expertise of its writers will come through and be visible through the sharing of profiles. The provider has however said extra measures have been put in place to protect vital information. Customers looking for edit my paper services have been asked to visit its website and see the profiles. In case you want to make an order for editing services, please feel free to check out

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