signs a strategic technology development plan with a leading software developer to update its current tools

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - London, UK 19th March, 2016 - has signed a strategic technology development plan with a leading software development company in a move the rephraser says will provide enough technical expertise and knowhow to update its exiting paraphrasing tools and help develop new ones. has been the only reword my sentence expert in the industry that offers automatic paraphrasing. The service has been made possible through a series of tools that have been developed by the company. However, the need to keep the tools working requires a lot of technical expertise in software updates and this is exactly what the new deal will bring to the table. says that with the contract, it will get continuous tech support and development assistance that will ensure all its tools are working. Additionally, the provider notes that the common approaches in delivering automatic rephrase a sentence services will have a strong background of innovative tech to keep it going over the coming years and even beyond.
The contract is expected to last five years with a possibility of renewal based on how both parties benefit. Technology has taken over in rephrase sentence services and to be honest, many companies are investing on these partnerships to ensure they have the tech backing they need to offer perfect and low cost auto paraphrasing services. hopes that its innovations in this area will go a long way in setting the tone for the whole industry in the near future. The sentence rewriter agrees that there is no better way to get better tools than to get involved with a top software developer. If you want to test out its paraphrasing tools, you can visit and get the best assistance.

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