The Rich and Elegant Design of Garnet Rings

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - When thinking about getting a ring using a gemstone setting, you may take into account the special design and style of the garnet rings. A garnet can be a gemstone which has a deep wealthy red color and is usually related to like and romance. You could use this stone in a setting in spot of a conventional diamond, to make an original engagement ring. It might also be set in mixture with other gemstones for any Mother's ring. Get more information about garnet rings

A garnet gemstone can be a fashionable stone that looks great in a number of different settings. When placed in a sterling silver band, it appears soft and sophisticated. This design is normally enhanced together with the placement of further smaller diamonds along the sides. It may also look great when set inside a gold band, which offers the stone a fiery and passionate character. The gem itself is often cut as a square cut stone, oval, round or even cushion style. Along with the numerous designs created to be feminine, you can find some men's rings that use this stone also.

The man's garnet ring will usually be set inside a wider plain band of gold or silver. You might locate a number of which have some etching or design around the band as well as a few that incorporate extra gemstones. Because the garnet can be a genuine gemstone it's sold by the weight, that will impact the value of the ring. There are some pretty classic designs that use a stone weighing much less than 1 carat, that are really reasonably priced.

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