Creative BioMart Updated Its Epitope Mapping Service

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Shirley, NY, 29th March 2016 - Creative BioMart, a world leading biotech company committed to providing quality protein products and custom protein services, updated its Epitope Mapping service recently to fulfill its customers’ demand in their drug design and patent application.

Epitope mapping has become more and more vital in both vaccine and antibody drug development. Knowledge on epitope of an antibody will largely facilitate drug design and patent application. Based on its advanced peptide library platform, Creative BioMart now provides a comprehensive series of Epitope Mapping Services to fulfill customers' demand after this latest update.

Linna Green, chief marketing staff in Creative BioMart, is very pleased with this update of epitope mapping service. “We are happy for the opportunity to enhance this service to aid our customers with their vaccine and antibody drug development. Now this service is featured as a one-stop service to map various epitopes and minimized unspecific interactions by optimized detection methods.” added Linna.

After this update, epitope mapping services in Creative BioMart now include binding activity test; Glycosylation analysis; overlapping peptide library; as well as detection. Customer should submit the antigen sequence, antigen sample, target antibody sample, and control antibody sample (optional) for the services.

To know more about Creative BioMart Epitope mapping services, please visit

About epitope mapping
Epitope mapping is the process of experimentally identifying the binding sites, or ‘epitopes’, of antibodies on their target antigens. Identification and characterization of the binding sites of antibodies can aid in the discovery and development of new therapeutics, vaccines, and diagnostics. (Wiki)

About Creative BioMart
Creative BioMart provides quality recombinant proteins, diagnostic antibodies and antigens, diagnostic enzymes and pharmaceutical enzymes to the research community of biology, clinical research, molecular diagnostics and biopharmaceutical drug development. We are offering more than 1,000 recombinant proteins, peptides and antibodies. All the products are rigorously tested to meet the most demanding research needs. At the same time, lowest prices in the industry are always guaranteed.

Contact Creative BioMart
Address: 45-16 Ramsey Road Shirley, NY 11967, USA
Tel: 1-631-559-9269

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