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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 30th March 2016: Shop ‘N Hop, a specialized online store, has given a shot in the arm to Crafts lovers who can now find the supplies they need at their fingertips.

There are many who believe that Crafts is as much about expressing one’s passion as anything else. It’s true in many ways because it is no less than different types of art forms. But there are those who have taken these skills to a whole new level altogether. They like to use these skills to make things for themselves or their homes, and they instantly become their statement pieces.

That makes a lot of sense since it’s so difficult to find unique dresses, clothes for kids, furnishings in regular stores. And when one does find them, there are huge costs to bear. But making these products at home is like a win-win situation for users. Shop ‘N Hop is a store, which facilitates that by bringing a wide range of supplies under one roof. They can find everything Arts related in one place so that they are saved a lot of hassle.

Now users looking for Paint to create a piece of art in their house, or kits to sew beautiful things for their loved ones, don’t have to go to those crowded malls and regular stores to find them. Shop ‘N Hop has all these options and a whole lot more. Users can find the products they want easily because they are neatly arranged in different categories as well. Importantly they are assured of the quality of the products they buy too.

Some of the options available at the store include:

• Beginner’s guide to knitting in the round can be bought for $12.99.
• Circular knitting needles 29” size 10.5 / 6.5 mm can be bought for $11.49.
• Quilting possibilities… freehand filler patterns is a comprehensive book, which is available for $22.95.
• Users can also buy a set of 36 assorted colors doddle markers for kids water color pen with pink box for $31.17.
Shop ‘N Hop has many other cool options that make it the place to shop for these supplies.

About Shop ‘N Hope

It is a dedicated online store that specializes in offering high quality supplies for Arts and Crafts enthusiasts, who can now get them at lowest possible prices.

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