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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - SHIRLEY, NY, March 30, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - Creative Enzymes, an excellent supplier of enzyme manufacturing in academic, commercial and government laboratories in diverse applications. Recently, according to the requirement of enzymes marketing, Creative Enzymes concentrates on developing its new product---chitinase.

Chitinase, also known as Chitosan, is extracted from the chitin in carapace of insects and other invertebrates. It is also a natural polymeric polysaccharides and animal dietary fiber extracted via deacetylation. The higher the degree of deacetylation of chitin, the stronger its physiological effects. International Society for Medical Nutrition Food named this substance as the sixth element of life, as well as sugar, protein, fat and vitamins and minerals. So it is getting more and more important in Creative Enzymes, as well as other fields. What's more, it is totally different from other natural food. it is chitin.

(1) Uniqueness: the only natural positively charged cellulose among reactive groups.
(2) Human required: the sixth element required by human health and survival to improve the health condition.
(3) Security: 100% pure natural marine products.
(4) Nutrition and health: this substance not only has nutrition like food, but also has the function of adjuvant therapy.
(5) Unique bidirectional adjustment: the ability of bidirectional adjustment immune regulation-immune activation and immune inhibition.
(6) Easy to absorb and use: it has biological adaptation, easy affinity with the body and it also can be used by the body.
(7) High purity, high quality: the dedication of modern high-tech, leading indicators, degree of deacetylation is over 90%.

(1) Immune activation
(2) Prevent the metastasis of cancer cells
(3) Inhibition of cancer
(4) Improve the acidic effect
(5) Sterilization
(6) Improve diabetes effect
(7) Increase the intestinal bacteria
(8) Analgesic hemostatic effect
(9) Inhibition of hypertensive effect
(10) Strengthen the liver function

These are some detailed information about chitinase from Creative Enzymes. Customers can learn more on its website.

Press Contact:
Linna Green
Creative Enzymes

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