When Do You Need A Private Psychologist?

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Life can sometimes be really tough and there are moments where someone just needs something more than mere support from closest friends and family members. Before deciding to seek for extra support, you may want to find out about the issues that a private psychologist London can help you with, which - amongst others - include:

An addiction revolves around a very strong or uncontrollable desire to do something or to consume certain substances. Withdrawing from addictions can be tricky, because in the process people tend to be extremely unhappy about their lives. There are several types of addicts, which include sex addicts, shopping addicts, porn addicts, alcohol addicts as well as gambling or smoking addicts. Addiction can significantly affect a person’s life and when a private psychologist London is dealing with it cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive analytic therapy as well as weight management or nutritional assistance with regards to dealing with food addiction may be required.

Anxiety, if left untreated, can cause a high level of stress and depression which may eventually lead to a feeling of being powerless and out of control about one’s own life. Psychological symptoms of anxiety may involve irritability, impatience, sense of tiredness and restlessness as well as constant feeling of being on the edge. More detailed categorization of anxiety includes panic attacks, generalized anxiety, sexual anxiety as well as performance anxiety and different forms of therapy may be used by a private psychiatrist London to help someone handle their anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy, cognitive analytic therapy as well as narrative exposure therapy are amongst the types of therapy that may be offered for treating anxiety.

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