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April 01, 2016: Transportation plays a significant role for every visitor or vacation seeker. Travelling by Express VIP bus from Cusco to Puno is the easiest and affordable way to move between the two cities. It is vital to select a reliable and comfortable bus transportation service that will guarantee a tension free journey for visiting these two finest destinations.

Inka Express Bus has over 16 years of knowledge providing secure, trustworthy and comfortable Puno to Cusco & Cusco to Puno bus services, and guarantees an enjoyable ride through the Route of the Sun. Inka Express is one of the highest rated bus tour companies in Peru offering excellent customer service and a supreme experience.

It is a full service charter bus and coach transportation provider based in the Cusco-Puno area, committed in giving reliable transportation service to individuals and companies. Inka Express Bus has built a good reputation for being a pioneer in the transport sector from Oxygenated VIP coaches to mini-buses, executive vans and SUV’s. They offer their customers the best in options for their travel requirements.

It is the only "Route of the Sun" tour with the bus halting at six main attractions, and it is admired by people of all ages. Inka Express offers complete guided tours that incorporate a bus tour and short walks to all the significant Inca monuments on the eminent "Route of the Sun". Their luxury tour buses offer on board snacks and drink services, as well as DVD players with video screens all through the passenger cabin, activities and attractions, luggage managing and overnight accommodations.

About The Company:
Inka Express Bus is one of the highest-rated bus tour companies in Peru running on the Cusco to Puno route that removes the hassle of traveling with best-in-class service, essential amenities and exceptional relaxation. For more information, please feel free to visit

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Author Name: Mark Muller
Company Name: Inka Express Bus
Address: 1600 Broadway, Suite 1600, Denver, Colorado, 80202
Phone No.: 303-386-7100
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