Airwheel S5 two-wheeled self-balancing electric scooter for Adults deserves all the reputation given by its users

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Airwheel S5 electric self-balancing scooter is known as the wildest model by Airwheel. Whether it is used in large factories, shopping malls or big scenic spot, S5 gets good reputation which comes naturally from real distinction.


02, April 2016: As the SUV self-balancing scooter, Airwheel S5 possesses the unique functions different from other S series electric scooters. People who own S5 reach consensus that it is the wildest one by Airwheel. It outweighs from others in terms of wild cross-country traveling which shows that S5 comes naturally from real distinction.

With the imported lithium-ion power core, S5 two wheeled electric scooter shows its good performance in the uneven and hostile road conditions. The core only weighs 5kgs but it can last about 5 years. Each set of battery is full of 680wh electric energy. So the battery can be used circularly for 1800 times. So when exploring in the wild place, riders do not worry the endurance since it won’t run out of power suddenly.

Security issue should be the top issue referring to riding in the wild. The advantage of S5 electric self-balancing scooter lies in the dual intelligent cores and battery protection boards. Riders can steer safely even if one of the system fails to work since another one can operate normally and independently. Besides, the splash guard bracket installed in S5 is made of aviation aluminum gold. This material is hard enough to against striking and has a better loading capacity.

Many riders really enjoys the two-wheeled intelligent scooter S5. With the 4-inch digital display screen, riders can easily control each data such as the speed, temperature, battery usage or miles etc in real time. Moreover, the turn light equipped in the tail of S5 is also totally intelligent. The turn light will light up when making turning. Riders have not to pay much attention for the light. So it is convenient and also safe.

The operating arm can be folded and connected and fixed by rotatory buttons. This humanized design makes S5 easier to be packed into the trunk of a car. Each detail reflected on Airwheel S5 interprets that it deserves all the reputation given by its users.

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