Airwheel Z5, the Guarantee for Comfortable and Convenient Riding

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 04, April 2016: Blair is a middle age man who works as an office worker. Each day he just sits in front of his desk to tap the keyboard. He seldom goes to the gym or exercises consciously. As a result, Blair is overweight and has something wrong is his neck and pin. His doctor asks him to change or the problem will be more serious, which seems difficult for Blair. One day, Blair’s wife sent him an electric scooter, Airwheel Z5, which brings a great change to Blair.

The weight of Airwheel Z5 is only 14kg, which is quite light for man like Blair. It can be folded in three parts, which takes only small space. The 2 wheeled electric scooter can be taken in the elevator, Blair does not worry about bringing the inconvenience for his colleagues since everyone will rush into the elevator to go to work. After going to the office, Blair can put Airwheel Z5 under his desk, which is quite simple and light.

Another problem the charging of battery. At first, Blair worried that it takes too much time for the battery to charge fully. The fact is the whole charging can be finished with several hours. Besides, the modularization design makes the battery easy to be pulled out and changed. Blair just needs to prepare a spare battery in case of some emergencies. The electric scooter is also equipped with USB, Blair can also charge his phone on the way to company or back home. This is convenient since sometimes Blair may forget to charge the phone at night.

Airwheel Z5 is the scooter without a saddle, Blair can only stand to ride the standing up electric scooter. In the beginning, he always feels tired and the wants to drive his car, after a period of riding, Blair get used to the way of riding which exercises himself unconsciously. He tries to keep his weight by riding Airwheel Z5 with the healthy diet.

With Airwheel Z5, Blair can lead a healthy new life which is him looking forward to.


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