Intelligent Airwheel quality electric hoverboards to head for Hannover fairground, Germany to attend the 2016 CeBIT

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The 2016 CeBIT is scheduled to take place on 14 Mach, which is set to last for 5 days. The 5-day-long trade show is rather international and will receive over 800,000 visitors. Some worldwide famous electronics firms will take their amazing products to this global invent. Even some firms stand to unveil their new products during the exhibition. Airwheel is a famed scooter-maker, who is famous for its excellent electric self-balancing scooter. It is also prepared for this global event. Now it is considering its line-up that will make its appearance in the 2016 CeBIT.

Amongst all line of Airwheel, the electric unicycle X-series is the classic one. Of these X-series single-wheeled intelligent scooters, Airwheel X8 is the ultimate in the design and technology. X8 not only inherits from its predecessors but also makes breakthrough in design. Like other models of electric unicycles, Airwheel X8 boasts its single-wheeled structure that guarantees the agility. When the rider arrives a bend, he could expertly and smoothly makes a turning to complete a turning at once.

Airwheel Q-series twin-wheeled intelligent scooter came out in the wake of Airwheel X-series. Airwheel Q-series seemed to appear for the purpose of making up for the drawback of Airwheel X-series. The single-wheeled design ensures the agility. On the other hand, the single-wheeled structure also adds to difficulty. Many beginners make endless complaints against the hardness to use when they try to steer Airwheel X-series. In view of these demands from those players, Airwheel originated the twin-wheeled structure to get over the hardness of use in X-series. The advent of Airwheel Q-series is purposeful and is showing its relevance between. Therefore it can be seen as a credit to Airwheel. Given the breakthroughs of Airwheel Q-series, it is natural to make its debut in the 2016 CeBIT.

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