Fosjoas K2 Electric Scooter Gives My Dad and Me a Great Help Tonight

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - My dad is a competent marketing manager in a big company and thus some social occasions for him are very common. How could dining table of business banquet have no liquor? Tonight, my dad also had dinner with some of his cooperators and drank some beers. After dinner, he was going to go home, but he could not drive car by himself because he drank liquor. Whatís worse, his assistant didnít accompany him today. Suddenly, he thought of me and called me. He required me to take taxi and helped him drive his car and him home, because he needed to use car in the next morning. When I put on jacket that was hung on the handles of Fosjoas K2 electric scooter, I thought: why not ride it to reach my dad?

My dad was about 8km away from me and I could get there within 30 minutes if under normal traffic condition. In the middle of the journey, there was a bumpy section. However, I felt no bumps at all, because Fosjoas K2 self-balancing electric scooter owns very good vibration reducing performance. Just as I estimated, it reached my dad 25 minutes later. Then, I opened carís trunk, folded Fosjoas K2 electric scooter into small figure and put it in trunk easily. Actually, it is another extraordinary highlight of Fosjoas K2 electric scooter, which is multiple folding system. Small parking space is the current research focus in transport sector for a long time. However, Fosjoas K2 electric scooter made it perfectly.

Every family will encounter some emergencies that need a convenient transport to get to some place immediately. At this moment, Fosjoas K2 self-balancing scooter is an excellent helper. Besides, it is also able to cover many other travel needs in daily life and facilitates peopleís life a lot.

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