See innovation of Airwheel from its new auxiliary devices and the artificial intelligence robot

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 05, April 2016: The newly released new products by Airwheel inspired a depth-in thought. Many players and critics in the sector think that Airwheel is shifting from traditional electric self-balancing scooter to a new field. The telling evidence is the release of its new auxiliary devices and the artificial intelligence robot. In March 2016, Airwheel pushed out its smart helmets C3 & C5 and the artificial intelligence robot S9 in the CeBIT which is held in Hannover fairground, Germany.

Airwheel artificial intelligence robot S9 is a sign that Airwheel has set foot in the field of artificial intelligence. The field of artificial intelligence is the common one that almost all of scooter-makers want to enter. Airwheel is proud to claim that it is the first one to enter this field and produce the artificial intelligence product. The artificial intelligence robot S9 shows many AI technologies. The intelligent technology enables Airwheel S9 stay away from obstacles before it. This is not the end of the story. Airwheel S9 even can design its itinerary.

The more powerful is not limited to these functions. Airwheel sets about the release of a series of external devices for the two-wheeled intelligent robot S9. These external devices can enhance a great deal the functions of S9. It might be used for mopping or cleaning. In the future, Airwheel will enhance further Airwheel S9. Through the enhancement in function and practical purpose, Airwheel S9 will further represent the nature of AI.

From this release of Airwheel S9, it is easy to feel the creativity of Airwheel. It is firmly believed that Airwheel will introduce the technology of artificial intelligence to future new products. The 2016 CeBIT offered Airwheel an opportunity to show off its power and creativity to the people all over the world. At the same time, other companies from other industries all knew Airwheel and sought for co-operation with it.


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