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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Author Shares Lessons Learned From Encounter With Angel.

ATLANTA, GEORGIA April 6, 2016 - Rev. Ne Be of ATLANTA, unveils her new book 'Secrets to Answered Prayers - 7 DAYS To Praying Powerful Prayers That Get Fast Results'

Rev. Ne Be was born and raised in a Christian family and always had strong faith, but two decades ago, her desperate desire for a baby girl led her to question the effectiveness of prayers, and the veracity of biblical texts until her encounter with an angel of God who taught her the secret prayer formula to praying prayers that get answers. She is now happy to share the secret prayer formula and take readers on her 7-day journey to praying powerful prayers that get fast results.

The Secrets to Answered Prayers book is the first textbook to offer a comprehensive bridge between prayer theories and real-life practice. It was created as a complete guide to assist Christians in praying prayers that get results.

In the pages of this inspiring book, readers can explore such issues as understanding the different types of prayer, the right time to pray for specific needs, what to do before and after praying, how to stay connected to get faster results, how to test belief each request, how to pray for health and money, common mistakes to avoid in prayers, how to use colors in prayers and much more. The book also includes guidance for living a spiritually harmonious life everyday.

“This is not just another book about prayers,” said Hillary Bush, spokesperson for Your Miracle Today Network. “The Secrets to Answered Prayer is a comprehensive guide that offers its readers a real-life approach to praying powerful prayers that works; it is filled with practical wisdom; straightforward, detailed, clear, unique prayer techniques and strategies, and makes for excellent read for all Christians.”

Rev. Ne Be is a spiritual healer and coach, prayer researcher, ordained minister, the founder of ‘Your Miracle Today Network’ and a devoted mother. She is involved in small group teaching, spiritual coaching, lectures and unique spiritual workshops.

Title: Secrets to Answered Prayers: 7 DAYS To Praying Powerful Prayers That Get Fast Results
Author: Rev. Ne Be
ISBN: 1682733084

Secrets to Answered Prayers will be available exclusively through the ministry’s website @ http://yourmiracletodaynetwork.org starting April 6, 2016

CONTACT: Hillary Bush
Email: hbush@yourmiracletodaynetwork.org


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