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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Vietnam Visa on Arrival Saves Time and Cost

6th April 2016- Appropriate visa is essential to enter Vietnam. However, there are exemptions for a few days for specific passport holders. Belarus passport holders are exempted from visas for not more than 15 days from the entry to the country. Obtaining Vietnam visa from the embassy can be a long process which is tedious and expensive. Vietnam Visa on arrival is one of the most preferred options to obtain visa while visiting Vietnam as it is quick, hassle free and inexpensive.

It is one of the easiest and quickest methods to get visa to Vietnam. Vietnam visa exemption policies are clearly mentioned on the website. Overseas Vietnamese are also exempted from visas. Visa exemption policies are different for people from different countries and passport holders.

According to the website, “Belarus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italia, Japan, Korea, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden and UK passport holders who enters Vietnam as unilateral visa-exempted: the entry date must be at least 30 days from the previous exit as unilateral visa-exempted person. Otherwise that person is required to have appropriate visa to enter Vietnam.

ASEAN Citizens of Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Cambodia and Laos holding valid ordinary passports are exempt from visa requirements and are allowed to stay for not more than 30 days; Philippines is allowed to stay for not more than 21 days; Brunei and Myanmar citizens are allowed to stay for not more than 14 days and vice versa.”

Vietnamese holding foreign passports, residing in Phu Quoc Island are exempted from visas. There are also visa exemption policies for APEC business travel card holders. These business travel card holders need not obtain visas to facilitate travel to conduct business operations.

Vietnam has now bilateral agreement with 81 countries for visa exemption for holders of diplomatic and official passports. However, there is a specific limitation period in which the government official or diplomat can stay in Vietnam. To know more about visa exemptions and policies or visa free Vietnam, please log on to:

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