Thermal management: MoCu30 sheet now available from the Plansee online shop.

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - MoCu30 is a material that reliably dissipates heat in semiconductor packages. Sheet made from this material is now available from our "Plansee Express" online shop.

In addition to finished heat spreaders and base plates made from MoCu30, Plansee is offering sheet material for further processing at customers side. The sheets are available from our online shop "Plansee Express" at

"In our Web shop we provide MoCu30 sheets in various thicknesses between 0.2 mm and 2 mm. Our customers can choose our premium quality from different standard formats or order sheet material cut to customized dimensions," explains Dr. Sven Knippscheer, who is responsible for the market segment Thermal Management at Plansee.

Plansee's MoCu30 is an alloy of ultra-pure molybdenum with 30 weight per cent copper. This composite material combines the low thermal expansion of molybdenum with the excellent thermal conductivity of copper and is particularly suitable for use in semiconductor modules where high power densities arise.

MoCu is the first composite material for thermal management applications offered from the Plansee Web shop. Other materials from Plansee's wide range of engineered thermal materials are due to follow.

For thermal management applications, Plansee also offers several compositions of WCu and and Mo/Cu laminates as well as MoCu. On request, Plansee supplies these materials in the form of finished heat spreaders, base plates and submounts. They are also available with functional coatings such as NiAu, NiAg or NiCoAu in order to improve the die bonding capability or corrosion resistance.


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