Airwheel M3 personal transportation Electric Skateboard for Teenagers means a lot to Benson

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 12, April 2016: When Benson was a child, he began to paly skateboard and playing skateboard has become an essential part of his life. People take granted that the skateboard is merely for youngsters. As the Skater Boys with T-shirt, a pair of overalls can be seen everywhere to showing some thrilling skills. At the Sep of last year, Airwheel rolled out Z3, S6 and M3 at its new product release conference. Benson keeps a close attention to the trend of skateboard.

At his home, there are diverse skateboards. Among the new products, electric skateboard M3 came under the attention of the attendees. It is highly likely that a new age of electric skateboard is approaching. Since Airwheel has released an electric skateboard, Benson got one at once, as the skateboard has special meaning for him. While the Airwheel M3 is more than a skateboard, and it can serve as a personal transport.

Without physical force to play it, Airwheel M3 is powered by electricity. That is, playing M3 electric skateboard is an effortless thing. Even if Benson covers a long distance on M3, he will never feel a bit tired and he must have the sufficient energy to travel for a long time still. In respect of introduction of new technology, M3 can be wireless remote controlled which makes the adjustable speed come true. The distance of wireless remote control can reach as long as 10 m.

As we know, the most important part of the traditional skateboard is the board, which is a seemingly simple but is a very core of choice. Different people have different demands on the width, length, and the appearance design. Everyone has a different understanding of the fashion, but classic one can make most of the people are willing to accept. For Benson, he has changed the maple board and produced a distinct wireless remote control skateboard M3.


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