BOC Sciences Issued Salcaprozate Sodium

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Shirley, NY, April 12, 2016 /PressReleasePing/ - BOC Sciences, a chemical supplier in Long Island City, announced its official release of salcaprozate sodium ( as a sequential part of the featured products launch plan, which will be preferred by labs and pharmaceutical producers that are in bulk needs of salcaprozate sodium.

Salcaprozate sodium is an oral promoter for absorption of macromolecules with poor bioavailability and it's the sodium form of salcaprozate taking advantage of its being orally digested. The sodium is highly useful as many macromolecules carrying a bad profile in bioavailability including insulin and heparin. Also called SNAC sodium, salcaprozate sodium is importantly involved.

In the release, the company also presented some detail information of the product. Different from many other chemical suppliers, BOC Sciences makes the prices very favoring for bulk needs. The larger the amount, the cheaper the price, which can be competed by few companies while quality is kept at a high level. That's one of the features the company promoted among its regular customer with the aim of giving back.

"Increasing drug discovery and related pharmaceutical researches involving more and more applications of such chemicals, Salcaprozate Sodium is launched to better serve our customers for wider needs of the compound in their daily activities. And more such feature chemicals will be issued in this year when the whole company is endeavoring to be a high-quality platform for chemicals and related professional services." said Linna Green, the director of marketing department of BOC Sciences.

Author Bio
Being one of the leading providers for chemicals and chemical services in USA, BOC Sciences is capable of supplying clients with products in enhanced quality at reasonable cost. And of note, with ten years experience in the field, the company is able to provide best solutions in avoiding failures on the way for ideal results. For more information on salcaprozate sodium, pleases visit the site.

Press Contact:
Linna Green
BOC Sciences
45-16 Ramsey Road Shirley, NY 11967, US

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