Kush Koma Entertainment Brings Variety of Talent to the Entertainment Industry

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April 13, 2016: The entertainment industry has been continually developing and serves as a profitable, but complicated investment. Kush Koma Entertainment is a top entertainment talent company founded by B. Lofton Rick Porter and Project Boi. They presently have a roster of artist with good talent that comprises of rappers, singers, managers and producers.

They are at present taking applications for models, dancers, producers, talented vocalist and rappers. With a list of several music artists, Kush Koma Entertainment has unlocked a door for every talent that very few have the opportunity to enter. It appears like every time, they are delivering something new. With “Turn Up” they get a livelier yet hostile track that you would hear alongside the likes of Lil Wayne on a mixtape.

They dwell in the Midwest however they are on way to become global. They are an upcoming record label all set to make a mark in the music industry looking for producers, models, dancers. Kush Koma Entertainment truly values their support and belief in what they all feel is something innovative for the connection of technology and entertainment.

It is apparent that Kush Koma Entertainment has their finger on the pulse of hip hop and come with every type of the genre in their back pocket. They are open to various kind of music not simply rap and r&b because their main goal is to make dreams to reality at KKE/FWM Records. If you just love rap music, ensure that you check in with what Kush Koma Entertainment are working with.

About The Company:
Kush Koma Entertainment is a leading record label founded by B. Lofton Rick Porter and Project Boi. The latest hip hop releases from their artists and labels are extraordinary pieces. For more information visit http://www.fukwitmerecords.com/

Contact Details:
Business Name: Kush Koma Entertainment
Contact: 835 N Water Decatur Il


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