Airwheel sets foot in artificial intelligence two wheels robot, S9 is an example

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Airwheel intelligent electric scooter spares no effort to keep competitive by strengthening management and continuous innovation. To optimize business processes and to standardize corporate management, Airwheel has adjusted its structure by perfecting system to achieve the management of refinement, systematization, data-intensive and scientization. The new product announcement held in the March 2016 in Germany was a milestone for Airwheel because of Airwheel S9, the first two wheeled self-balancing robot.

As of now, the AI has become the hottest talking-point in various industries. The entry into the field of AI will be a symbolism of power and innovation. So does Airwheel. Airwheel made a stride to march on with the release of Airwheel S9 robot with wheels. After years’ efforts, Airwheel was proud to claim that it was able to push out its first model of Airwheel S9. This achievement was a landmark for Airwheel as well as the whole sector.

Airwheel S9 is capable of human-computer interaction through the built-in laser radar and auditory acquisition system; coupled with the GPRS, WiFi and network base stations and other integrated positioning systems, Airwheel S9 can realize the automatic obstacle avoidance, path planning and other functions. Airwheel S9 service robot is practical and functional. It is believed that Airwheel S9 will help you do more things in the future with the addition of plug-ins and software upgrade. It is reasonable to predict that Airwheel will introduce this technology to other models of Airwheel. From then on, Airwheel will become veritable intelligent in the future.

Airwheel has taken the artificial intelligence, represented by wheeled robot as the direction of R & D; combines cross-border cooperation, investment and financing services and market channel sharing. It is reasonable to predict that Airwheel will introduce this technology to other models of Airwheel. From then on, Airwheel intelligent electric scooter will become veritable intelligent and ahead of time in the future.

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