Airwheel two-wheeled intelligent Personal Transport Vehicle Z5 perfectly matches Airwheel smart helmets C3

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 13, April 2016: The exciting international trade fair, 2016 CeBIT was held in Hannover fairground, Germany. During the global famous exhibition, Airwheel pushed out many new products. Amongst these new products, Airwheel two-wheeled self-balancing scooter Z5 and smart helmets C3 seemed a perfect match. This time, Airwheel unveiled two types of auxiliary devices, i.e. the intelligent helmets C3 and C5. Take Airwheel C3 for example. It is complementary to Airwheel Z5.

AirwheelZ5 can run at a top speed of 20 km/h on the even road. The ride on Airwheel Z5 will be a fashionable treat. A lot of young men and women like riding Airwheel Z5. They use it as personal transport. It is effectively alternative to bicycle and some public transportation for instance the bus and the metro. The high speed is sufficient to meet the demand of white-collar who ride Airwheel Z5 to commute between their residence and workplace. To keep the route and ride safe, they are strongly recommended to steer Airwheel Z5. Hence Airwheel Z5 becomes the favourite of these young men and women. And the intelligent helmet C3 does its stuff.

Airwheel smart helmet C3 does not offer the service to protect the rider from hurt, but also provides access to recreational functions. It is available for these owners to listen to the music, review video and even answer the call without whipping out his mobile phone. During the ride on Airwheel Z5, the rider has to hold on to the handlebars of Z5. Off-hands ride is rather potentially dangerous. Airwheel C3 is endowed with Bluetooth that enables the rider to answer the call directly. As for these young men who are into music, they also could ride Airwheel Z5 and listen to music. There will not be an infernal cable connecting the device that plays music. The Bluetooth can offer cable less music. This will make the ride awesome and cool.


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