5 tips for planting and looking after Magnolia trees

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 14, April 2016: Magnolia trees are beautiful when in full bloom. Theyíre easy to grow and are generally pest free. Like any plants or shrubs in the garden they must be well maintained in order to get the best out of them. Below are 5 tips for planting and looking after Magnolia trees in your garden.

1. Location

Most Magnolia trees prefer the sun so when it comes to planting them look for a spacious spot in the garden. They can grow in light shade for some of the day, but in lower light conditions they may not produce any flowers.

Magnolia trees are hard to move so make sure the permanent location is well protected. Ideally, depending on whether the tree is evergreen or deciduous the best spots to plant them are lawns, by the roadside or even woodland.

2. Soil

Magnolia trees typically thrive best in slightly acidic or neutral soil but will struggle to grown in alkaline or chalky soil. They do have the tendency to tolerate dry conditions, but like all plants will need plenty of water. Magnolia trees are shallow rooting so itís important to make sure the soil doesnít dry out. In order prevent water loss a yearly mulch is highly recommended.

3. Planting

When it comes to planting your Magnolia tree you need to dig the hole two or three times larger than the root ball. Place the tree in the ground at the same height it was in the pot and then fill with soil. If possible organic material will be the best. Itís also a good idea to feed the tree with fertiliser.

4. Pruning and care

To get the full benefit and beauty of a Magnolia tree they need to be well maintained and pruned. Itís a good idea to do this at the time of planting. You donít need to be out in the garden every day but appreciate that care must be taken. If you have bought a deciduous Magnolia then itís best to prune in late spring to early summer.

5. Pests and disease

Magnolia trees stay relatively pest and disease free which is a good when it comes to maintaining them. However, if you encounter anything at all it might be from slugs or rabbits which are attracted to the bark. In terms of disease watch out for yellowing leaves. This could mean the soil is too alkaline and they will need to be treated with fertiliser.

Magnolias are great looking trees and can be a gorgeous addition to your garden. They will add a burst of colour right through late spring and summer. Why not have a look at our great range of Magnolia trees here.


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