YS-System Has Offered High Quality 4G Antenna Amplifiers for Cottage Houses

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - It is really important to stay connected with family members and business partners, irrespective of the location one is in. This helps people stay aware of everything that is going on in their homes and offices when they are away and makes human lives more productive and comfortable. While there are no serious problems with Internet connection in large cities, there still may be notable problems when it comes to villages and suburban areas. This is where reliable and functional 3G and 4G antenna amplifiers provided by YS-System is of great help.

YS-System is one of the most credible and largest telecommunication companies based in the Russian Federation. The foundation of the company dates back to 2008, when they first started launching 3G and 4G Internet in lots of objects in the Moscow region. This was the time, when WiMAX networks started gaining popularity in Moscow and St.Petersburgh. Nowadays, the company can boast thousands of satisfied customers across the country, remaining one of the most effective 3G and 4G Internet providers in the Moscow region. Both physical and legal entities can become the clients of the YS-System, getting numerous benefits the company is ready to offer them 24/7. There are several tariff plans YS-System can launch nowadays.

Special attention is given to the launch of 4G antenna amplifiers in villages and cottage houses, where the power of the signal leaves much to be desired. People living in cottage houses or in the vicinities of Moscow frequently complain about the poor Internet signal, which makes it impossible to enjoy all the benefits of the global network, including social networks, audio and video services, online communication, education, shopping, business opportunities and more. To solve the problem, YS-System offers 3G, 4G and Ite to be installed in cottage houses. Installation of these antenna amplifiers will make it possible to avoid the unpleasant and stressful online connection problems and will also improve the power of the Internet signal, having provided the most convenient, suitable and affordable tariff plans. Launching and using the system does not take much time and can be handled in a quick and efficient way.

One of the most effective products YS-Systems offers to its clients nowadays is known as Street Ultra - the universal amplifier of the Internet signal, which is compatible with any SIM card of any mobile provider that works in the 3G/4G/Lte standard. The device makes it possible to connect to the Internet in those areas that are not covered by the mobile provider. This means that one can avail high quality 4G/LTE network connection at the distance up to 20 km from the mobile base station. As of today, Street Ultra is the only antenna amplifier, which ensures high speed and quality data exchange in the 4G/LTE networks, consistent connection with the base station of the provider, improves the quality and distance of signal even in those locations, where the USB-modems cannot receive the base station signals. The device is a superb solution for office and business centers as well as for cottage villages that have poor signal or no signal at all. Street Ultra can also be used to ensure hassle-free accessibility of self-service payment terminals, automated payment systems, ATM machines, video surveillance and smart home systems.

Opting for 3G and 4G antenna amplifiers provided by YS-System will enable everyone to combine rest and business, enhance social networking options, enjoy favorite movies, TV shows and music online. Apart from that, the company offers round-the-clock video surveillance, mobile connection amplification and improvements, satellite TV and other options you may benefit from. They have already serviced over 50 cottage villages, more than 7000 private houses and 2000 offices in Moscow and the Moscow region.

About the Company:

YS-System is a renowned Russia-based company, which delivers high quality telecommunication services in Moscow and other cities of the country. Founded in 2008, the company quickly expanded to win the excellent reputation among private house owners and business entities looking for quick and reliable Internet connection even in the most distant locations of the Moscow region. They have already serviced over 50 cottage villages, 7000 private houses and 2000 office buildings in Moscow and the region. In 2011, the company has launched the improved Yota 4G Internet, which is currently the quickest, the most reliable, unlimited and affordable mobile Internet in the location. YS-System is the leading seller of the universal amplifier of the Internet signal called Street Ultra that offers unlimited benefits to each user.

Company Info:
Address: 141 Ljublinskaja Street, Office 306, 109518 Moscow, Russia
Tel.: +7 (495) 797-91-21
E-mail: info@yota-system.ru
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yota_system/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe3E1MOkEENI8qatfz6LiLQ
Website: http://www.yota-system.ru/

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