Stuart Styron Announces the Release of His New Album ‘Humaniac’

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - This electronic/soundtrack album is available in leading digital stores


Germany, 15th April, 2016: After the success of his previous album “Visaplanet”, Stuart has launched a new one in this month. It is available for download in iTunes, iGrooves, etc, and music lovers can peruse the same in these digital platforms. Apart from this, he has also ensured that the CD version of ‘Humaniac’ will be available from the month of August.

The fact that the CD will be launched in Styron’s hometown, Arnsberg, a store call`s "Mueller" has garnered a lot of interest amongst fans. Being an electronic album, it has already been downloaded by a large number of music lovers. There have been fairly positive reviews of the album from most of the listeners. Apart from Germany and the nearby countries, Stuart Styron’s albums have been liked by people from elsewhere.

The website says, “Now that ‘Visaplanet’ is available in all the major stores in Germany and Switzerland, the same is being planned for the latest one as well. In a few months from now, anyone from across the world can get a CD of his new album without any hassles. It is believed to be a unique combination of an interesting theme and music and hence, is meant to be an enjoyable experience.”

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About the brandnew album"Humaniac"

Humaniac” is from my archive. It is a pure electronic album with a “soundtrack” character. “Human” + “Maniac” = “Humaniac.” I don`t have to explain the theme. Music for adults.

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About the website:

The website claims that it is quite easy to download the new soundtrack from any one of the digital stores. However, all those who wish to listen to the CD version do not have to wait long. There is a hotline number available on the below mentioned website for people who wish to know more about the albums and the artist himself.

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