Ducky is Tinder for Expense Tracking

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Ducky is a new mobile app on iOS that is quickly becoming the “go-to” tax prep app for the ever growing generation of “solopreneurs” (freelancers, business owners, hosts and rideshare drivers of all kinds). Using the same swipe motions of the popular dating app “Tinder”, Ducky is absolutely the simplest way to track deductible business expenses.

Ducky safely links to the bank accounts of your choice and the transaction information is displayed as Tinder-style cards. Take a client to dinner - it will show up as a card. Swipe right for business expenses and left for personal expenses. It’s that easy. In addition, business expenses are automatically sorted into the appropriate write-off categories. At the end of the year, with the click of a button, all your expense information can be exported to your Accountant or CPA.

Ducky’s partnerships give it access to thousands of banks across the United States. Allowing it to “pull in” all of your financial data. This is done in a “read only” manner (meaning that Ducky cannot actually initiate any transactions in your accounts).

The Ducky team is comprised of former independent contractors from a wide range of fields (real estate, consumer product sales, legal and software development). “We started out developing Ducky for ourselves. We were frustrated with the current applications available,” says co- founder Kyle Willis. “Most are web-first programs that are bloated with confusing features and functions that a freelancer has no use for. We wanted Ducky to be a simple, beautiful – and dare we say ‘fun’ - mobile-first solution.” Kyle adds, “Current programs are stuck in the past. They don’t serve the needs of the new ‘on the move’, mobile generation. Taking a mobile-first approach With Ducky allowed us to put simple but powerful expense tracking features right in the palm of your hand, anytime and anywhere.”

The average freelancer misses out on thousands of dollars in write-offs each year due to lost or improperly tracked expenses. Ducky will charge subscribers 4.99/month and have a discounted $47.88(-$12) yearly rate.

“The app can pay for itself in the first month of use” Says Willis, “Ducky not only saves money, it removes the tremendous headache and time drain that goes into tracking expenses. Time spent tracking expenses is time that could be spent focusing on your business. Users will love it.”.

Though Ducky has found a great deal of early success they still have very ambitious plans. Based on feedback from their users, in the near future they will be adding additional features, such as the ability to manually add cash transactions and a mileage tracker.

Ducky is the first product released by Swipefin Inc. The ultimate goal of Swipefin Inc is to build a suite of different, tax-related apps to serve their target audience.
“Rather than creating a single bloated app, we will create a number of stand-alone, streamlined apps with a specific focus.”, says Willis “From listening to our customers, feature overload is not what people want. An ‘a la carte’ approach creates the best user experience. Users can pick and choose the application that best suit their needs”

Ducky is currently available on iOS, but an Android version will be released soon.
Download and learn more about Ducky at or directly from the ios app store.
Ios app store link:

“Deductions are hard. Ducky is child’s play.”

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