Airwheel intelligent wheeled mobile robot S9 shows a sign that Airwheel formally enters a new phase

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 18, April 2016: For the time being, the field of artificial intelligence is the joint goal of the whole world. Every powerful electronics firms long to make something of themselves in this field. Airwheel technology will bring a sea change in our way to live and think. Many years, the possibility of AI remained a debated issue. However it has come a long way for now. Given the current achievements concerning AI, Airwheel also aspired to enter this field and long to some breakthroughs. Airwheel hopes to introduce new technology to its future new electric self-balancing scooter, in an attempt to keep itself ahead of other competitors.

These years, althougha series of new technologies were introduced to electric scooter, they were not revolutionary. Except for the original technologies such as attitude theory, and self-balancing technology, other technologies added to electric intelligent scooter later were not a milestone in the sector of electric scooter. Airwheel get to realise it and aspired to make a stride in the field of AI. It thinks artificial intelligence is the only way out, at least for the moment it is.

Months ago, Airwheel invested a lot of energy and money in the R & D of AI. After months, the efforts made by Airwheel bore fruit—Airwheel developed first model that uses technology of AI and unveiled it in the 2016 CeBIT. Obviously, it made a big splash during the global show. The Airwheel artificial intelligence robot S9 inspired numerous visitors. They imagined how it would be used in other electric self-balancing scooters.

Also, Airwheel were thinking about how to introduce this successful technology to future products of intelligent self-balancing scooter. From all accounts, many external devices will be developed by Airwheel for Airwheel S9. These external devices will beef up the function of Airwheel S9 to best advantage. Airwheel S9 will be tested and we believe that it will stand up to test of time.


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