New member in Airwheel Z series—Z5 foldable electric bike for adults

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 19, April 2016: Although Airwheel Z5 is not the most innovative and eye-catching product, Z5 enjoys the largest consumer base. To find out the reasons behind its popularity, it should be discussed from the design concept. “When we think about the design of Z5, we try to be in users’ shoes totally,” said Andy, project manager of Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter, “We think it must have long range so that we can go to the farther place; and the standing platform is to be wider and wider, and let us ride more comfortably. We also need a screen to display the power level, the current speed and mileage, etc.”

For the long range, Airwheel Z5 electric standing scooter is designed in modular battery. It is placed in external that can be inserted and extracted. That is, riders can easily disassemble and replace the battery. It only takes a few seconds to finish it even if you have no operational ability. What’s more, there is an USB port for the convenience of being charged or to be charged.

For the standing platform, Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter chooses the foldable pedals to ensure the riders’ comfort in the riding process. In addition to the foldable pedals, there are other two folding structures in the body, namely the handle, the junction of the main frame. 14kg item weight and triple folding system of Z5 enables individuals to easily carry it into elevator, subway, bus, or store it in the trunk of a car.

For the screen, Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter shifts its function to the App. Exclusive Airwheel app is developed to learn the real-time riding condition, such as the speed, residual capacity, track, mileage, etc. By app to adjust Airwheel Z5’s current velocity parameters, it can meet travel demand and increase the level of comfort riding experience.


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