Thickened Calluses Can Increase One’s Risk Of Infection

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Orlando, FL – April 18, 2016 - Corns and calluses are thickened layers of the skin that form due to pressure and friction. While calluses can form anywhere on the body, they typically develop in the foot. There are several reasons why people should maintain a proper foot care regimen, and one is to reduce their risk of complications.

Thickened calluses can increase one’s risk of infection. Calluses may come in an oval shape with a brown, yellow, or gray color. They are slightly elevated and have a smooth surface. They are normally not a cause of alarm unless they cause pain.

Calluses are thought to be more prevalent in women than in men. They usually get infected when the layers of the skin start to thicken and break. When the skin breaks, the cut can invite bacteria and the development of infection may take place.

When calluses are infected, they become tender. The surrounding skin may also turn red and may be warm to touch. There are even cases when pus start to develop and it’s accompanied with low-grade fever.

Calluses do not interfere with the daily life of people, and this renders treatment unnecessary. They even provide a protective cushion to the skin. When they become bothersome, they can be removed through methods such as using a pumice stone.

The formation of new calluses can be prevented by avoiding pressure or friction. This can include using properly fitting shoes. Individuals who don’t want to have calluses should wear shoes that are made of soft leather.

The use of low-heeled or flat shoes is also recommended. There are shoes with toe box that are square or rounded in shape. These shoes are highly recommended since they provide adequate room for the toes.

There are also shock absorbing paddings that are believed to be helpful in providing relief from pressure on the feet.
Individuals who suffer from acute pain may use nonsteroial anti-inflammatory drugs, which are pain medications. While these medications can be helpful, their use has been associated with side effects. There are also callus remover medications available, but they are not recommended.

Prevention is better than cure, and it is imperative that infection should be avoided. Preventing infection can reduce one’s risk of pain and other complications.

There are products such as the electric callus remover that is believed to be helpful in removing calluses. What makes this product even more beneficial is that it is safe to use and does not expose consumers to cuts and wounds.

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