How to Encrypt Your Messages,and Stay Safe and Secure

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Press Release, 19th April 2016: Messages has become a primary communication tool among businesses today. Instead of snail mail and other types of offline medium, messages can travel across different locations. Transfer of information is also easier and quicker. Due to the importance of messaging among businesses, many opportunists try to break into company networks to access Private Texting. Business messaging often contains important and confidential information. This can give outside parties an advantage against the competition. If you want to make sure no other parties can access your company message, think about using Secure messaging by Enkrypt Legal-Pro.

Importance of Encrypting Messages

Securing messages remains a big challenge for person. There are many threats over the internet when you send your messages. Other person can also access your messages through different points. These include transmission pathways, backups, firewall inspection, and other personnel authorized to view the file. Other than the private texting, other components of the messages including attachments can be at risk. Protect the text and attachments altogether. If you do not encrypt your messages, other individuals or parties can intercept the messages. Even the mere auto-fill feature for completing an employee’s name can cause many errors and problems. Forwarding messages with long threads can also threaten your business. Most of the time, people included in the thread no longer checks or realizes who is receives the content. Private Texting app at Enkrypt Legal-Pro can prevent any confidential information from reaching unauthorized individuals.

Encrypting Methods

From messages filtering to software, there are many ways to secure and encrypt your messages. Depending on the level of security you need, you may have to use a different or several methods. Choices for encryption are as follows:

– Transport Layer Security – this encryption method offers gateway-to-gateway protection when using TCP/IP connections. In this setup, the sending and receiving parties should have TLS support to allow automatic encryption. It is also important to buy an infrastructure certificate. If not, there will be lack of notifications and encryption may become slow.

– Manual Encryption Methods – there are security applications allowing users to encrypt their message manually. One ways to do so is through adding a particular prefix. The receiver needs to complete several processes before they can open the messages. If you want more flexibility in your encryption process, choose manual encryption. You may have to conduct extra training and perform additional steps with this approach. Get an additional interface as well, to accommodate your security software.

– Private messaging app by Enkrypt Legal-Pro – this serves as a standard for encryption of different types of content and attachment. Private messaging app works with asymmetric encryption keys requiring global directories and open source to function. You can send messages to different recipients with each recipient getting individual decryption keys. This secures your messages completely as each recipient needs a different and unique decryption to open your message. You can learn more about Encrypted text app from online.

You can use several methods to protect your messages. Ask the provider about all possible options. It is also best to check if you can also employ a spam blocker.

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