FlyVPN 14 Days Android Freetrial

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - This is FlyVpn Voice. A few days ago, our VPN Android App was online officially. With it being used, FlyVPN can meet almost all needs of mobile clients now. Among them, most people use our FlyVPN to access the foreign websites and some people use it to improve the speed of network.

We decide to launch an exciting promotion ’14 Days VPN Android freetrial’ to thank our customers for their long time supports and make more people have the opportunity to experience our FlyVPN.

The method of free using is very easy, generally, there are only 3 steps you need to do before you can access the foreign websites. First, you need to login the website with your Android smartphone to download FlyVPN Android App. After that, as a new user, pressing the button of ‘Register’, you can use any username as long as other people do not use before. Please remember your username and password. According to the requirements, then you should fill the blank with your personal email address. After doing all of the above matters, congratulations, you finish the register. It’s really convenient, isn’t it? Last step, once you register successfully, clicking ‘Login’, and then you get ’14 days Android free trial’.

During the 14 days, no matter you login the FlyVPN on the Android smartphone or computer, all servers in the list of ‘free’ are provided to you, and there are America servers and Hong Kong servers besides five China servers. You have enough time to test our Android system and think about whether to choose FlyVPN again or not. In the process of using, we will be glad if you’d like to share your opinions with us, of course, if you meet with some problems, please feel free to contact us, our email address is:, we will do our best to help you.

If you are satisfied with our Android system and the ’14 days Android free trial’ has expired, don’t be worry, contacting our customer service, we can reopen your account so that you can continue to use FlyVPN. Don’t be hesitate, we believe that our product can bring you a new experience when you access the foreign websites and give you help in your work or study. Registering now, getting ’14 days Android free trial’ now! Get more information about VPN access foreign websites

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