New iOS App“Touch The Numbers” by Wizappo, Inc. Now Available

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Touch the Numbers by Wizappo, Inc. is a funand fast-paced game in which players must touch numbered tiles as quickly as they can. It is available exclusively in the Apple Store for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.


Wizappo, Inc. has proudly announced the launch of its newest game Touch the Numbers, which is now available for download. Touch The Numbers is a fun and challenging game where players race against time to touch the numbers in sequence.

Users will see 16 numbers randomly placed on their device’s screen when they launch the game. When a correct number is touched, it will disappear and be replaced by another number until all25 numbershave been displayed. Currently available are:

• Touch Ones  numbers 1 – 25.
• Touch Twos  skip counting by 2’s both even and odd numbers up to 50.
• Touch Threes  start anywhere from 1 to 3 up to 75
• Touch Fours  start anywhere from 1 to 4 up to 100
• Touch Fives  start anywhere from 1 to 5 up to 125
• Touch Sixes  start anywhere from 1 to 6 up to 150
• Touch Sevens  start anywhere from 1 to 7 up to 175
• Touch Eights  start anywhere from 1 to 8 up to 200
• Touch Nines  start anywhere from 1 to 9 up to 225
• Touch Tens  start anywhere from 1 to 10 up to 250.

TouchThe Numbers special features include:

• Ability to play both forward and backwards,
• Music and sound (with on/off feature in settings),
• A list of each users’ best times, so they can measure their performance and track their improvement,
• Incredibly vivid and bold HD graphics that are optimized for retina display,
• Game Center Leaderboard integration, so that users can compete against friends and other players around the world.

“I am extremely pleased with Touchthe Numbers, and know that people of all ages will find it both challenging and entertaining,” said David Rogers, the founder of Wizappo, Inc. “In addition to being fun, counting is necessary for even the most basic of life functions; Whether you're buying groceries, determining a budget for yourself, calculating interest on investments, or carrying out a whole myriad of other life tasks, math will somehow be involved.”

Touch The Numbers Is now available for FREEin the U.S. and world-wide from the Apple Store – which include Touch Ones.For more information - including screenshots of the app -or to download, please visit Touch The Numbers on the Apple Store.

About Wizappo, Inc.

Wizappo, Inc. specializes in fun, creative and educational web apps for mobile devices. The company’s current roster of apps include; various sports IQ apps for basketball and baseball, Tricks for Math apps, Trail Blaze, and Touch Ones or twos (both available for apple watch also).

For more information on Wizappo, Inc., please visit the Wizappo website.

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Founder:David Rogers

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