Single ladies’ natural and unrestrained life with Airwheel Z3 intelligent personal transportation Electric bikes

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - There are always two sides to everything. Single ladies may feel lonely and boring every now and then when they go out alone. They may admire those couples who walk hand in hand in the each public place. But single ladies can have their special lifestyle. They do the things they want to do whenever it is, where it is or how to do it. Accompanied by the two-wheeled electric scooter, single ladies regain the enthusiasm to go outside even though there is no companion of their Mr Right. Some of them share their experience and give some tips.

Jane is 28 years old and is still single. For most of her spare time, she prefers to stay at home. In the city she lives, there are lots of interesting places. However she would not like to visit under the veil of no boyfriend’s companion. Several days ago, she bought an electric scooter Airwheel Z3 for her since it is not convenient for her to walk up to half an hour from home to subway station. She felt so excited once she rode on it. It is the two-wheeled electric scooter that makes Jane do change. Now she is very delighted to visit those beautiful landscape. Maybe one day she will meet her Mr Right by chance during her riding.

Amanda has an electric motor Z3 too. She is a loyal funs of Airwheel balancing scooters. As a single woman, she is never afraid to travel alone. She always makes full use of every minute to relax and entertain herself. A backpack and Z3 is enough for any traveling for her. She said if girls are single now, they should fully enjoy the freedom. Because for now they still live in an unrestrained life. Single ladies live naturally and unrestrained with Airwheel Z3.

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