2020.FM Introduces A Comprehensive URL Shortening Service

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April 22, 2016: At the present time because of drastic development of technology, businesses have grown to be completely online. Business owners have discovered that, through online interface, it turns out to be much simpler for people to reach up to the worldwide customers and audience within a short period of time. So, now hardly any company is found, which is not present in the online soak.

This brings about huge competition in the online market and the business holders or anyone, who promotes products online, needs to take up ways to be the fittest in the place. Today pasting URls of official business pages in a number of social networking platforms are an undivided requirement. Considering this, 2020.FM has come up with specific platform for customizable URL shortener, to fulfill this need.

The company has well-appointed itself with an extremely professional team, who are always there to serve the valued clients in the most ideal way. Consequently 2020.FM for a long time provides reliable short URLs service with 100% accessibility. The 2020 LINK shortening service platform is based on Premium CDN Architecture, thus the users can enjoy high-speed URLs loading, in addition that benefited with trustworthy and free analytics information.

In contrast to other short URLs providers, 2020.FM customers can enjoy more benefits by clicking on their short URLs as 2020 LINK is attractive and eye-catching to social media; it is reason why many news websites are using 2020.FM short link for news. The main objective of this ongoing company is to provide service for long time availability, so there is absolutely no risk that your link suddenly will disappear.

About The Company:
2020.FM is a company that provide best URL shortener service by converting long URLS into eye-catching, shorter abbreviated alternatives. For more details please visit http://2020.fm/

Contact Details:
Author Name: Andris
Business/Company Name: 2020FM
Local Address: 55 South Market Street, San Jose, California


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