80-inch large touch screen, with only 1100g? Lazertouch mini projector has the answer

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Science & technology development more often than not influence greatly how we work and live. Ever since 1980s when the first notebook came out, its delicate and portable design were a big hit, then here comes Smart computer, tablet PC and big touch screen display panel. Ever after, we are going more further for the big touch screen devices, with more new related products launched day after day, they all signify our endless desire and attempt for “giant touch screen”

Naturally, we no longer satisfied with only one certain feature of these products. touch screen with big size and portable, isn’t there any products that can make these two features all in one ? Now Shanghai Lazertouch Electronics & Technology Company make it into reality by launching Lazertouch mini projector.

Lazertouch mini projector hold 7 patents, after 5 years research & development, its lightweight and easy to carry body, make it the 1st mini projector produced in large quantity, the only one you can directly operate projection screen by finger. Lazertouch Mini Projector is highly integrated, Android system, office soft-wares, projector, speaker, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and quick start-up. with a white wall, almost everywhere is a meeting room. It projects 20-150 inches screen which you can directly touch, its more than a gadgets you do presentation with, but a virtual interactive whiteboard that you can operate upon and writing by IR pen.

Lazertouch mini projector supports Miracast and Airplay, you can share everything stored in smartphone on projection screen, moreover, you can emphasize anything by making notes. It solves everything from “big body”, slow start-up, loud noise, low resolution ratio and twisted screen. It commit to provide a stylish, modern and effective office for majority of people.

traditional TVs were replaced by different kinds of smart devices with its diverse features, so virtual screen are gaining more and more popularity. Lazertouch mini projector enable you to watch 4K,3D movies and TV shows with Max 300-inch screen simply at home.

By Miracast and Airplay, Users can always share something interesting to family members, friends wireless. And it supports Chats, games, website browsing, let you enjoy the unexpected fun which you can never experience from old-fashioned devices like smartphone, computer etc.

As we all know common electronic screens can cause irreversible harm to children’s eyes. You can not always projector your children’s eyesight at bay no matter how diligent you are as a parent.. Lazertouch mini projector emits reflected light from mirror, its most close natural light, that way eyes cannot easily get tired, then it protects eyesight to the greatest extend.

Besides eyesight projection, Lazertouch mini projector are equipped with IR pen which allows you to draw and write on projection screen, homework no longer has to be a headache. In addition, anywhere you can write on is a playground, such as table, wall. Lazertouch mini projector enable you to combine person with virtual screen as one by The VR you downloaded on the phone, making kids feel they are on the scene, thus nurturing their creativity and imagination.

In the meantime, not like android tablet, Lazertouch mini projector are not limited for only finger to operate screen, a pencil and rolled paper can do. Versatile operation ways make it even more joyful when kids are playing puzzle games, learning through playing.

For more details, please visit https://igg.me/at/easitech

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Company Name: Shanghai Easi Computer Technology Co.,Ltd
Contact Person: Vita He
Address: Room 202, Yishan Rd 1888, Minhang District, Shanghai, China 201103
E-mail: easitech@hotmail.com
Website: https://igg.me/at/easitech

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