To discuss the characteristics of Airwheel Z5 foldable intelligent Standing electric bicycle

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Today, we are going to discuss the characteristics of Airwheel Z5 foldable electric scooter. As we know, on the HK Global Sources Electronics show, Airwheel displayed not only the sought-after the single-wheeled electric scooter X series, twin-wheeled electric scooter Q series, two wheel self-balancing electric scooter S series, sitting posture self-balancing scooter A series, and the Airwheel M3 wireless remote control skateboard, but also the latest products, namely S8 sitting-posture electric scooter, S9 robot with wheels, C3, C5 smart helmets and Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter.

For the features of Airwheel Z5, it can be analysed from the following three aspects: compact size, USB port and comprehensive protection measures. Generally speaking, the clumsy vehicle is impossible to win their support and love for it. While, Airwheel Z5 standing up electric scooter caters to their demand which can be folded into a small size. In addition to the small size, Airwheel Z5 is also highlighted by its 14kg item weight. Even a woman can lift it by either of hand. They usually take it into office and store it under the office desk after folding it.

Then, one of the features of Airwheel Z5 2 wheel electric scooter is the modular battery design, coupled with an USB interface. USB port enables Airwheel Z5 intelligent electric scooter to be compatible with more power source. Most importantly, the UBS port can offer a possibility to charge the mobile phone of the owner via USB cable.

From the aspect of safety, there are headlights and rear lights equipped on Airwheel Z5 2-wheeled electric scooter. The headlight will illuminate the road before the user and the rear lights will remind the pedestrians or drivers behind the user. With Airwheel Z5, the user will no longer worry about the ride at night. For the above features of Airwheel, do they meet your demands?

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