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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Press Release, Place, and 19th April, 2016: MyiP has been very popular among the people in providing excellent dedicated vpn services to the clients all over the globe. It has been a successful journey for MyiP to provide excellent quality, private, international servers from different locations all over the globe. The one thing that makes these servers the best as these are not shared with anyone else and you have the full access to the admin panel. So if you are looking for dedicated ip vpn then the one place that will never disappoint you is the MyiP.

A VPN or virtual private network is a system that extends the private network across the public one. The users can send data and other things through this one. It works as if all the computers are connected to each other. It is a very important thing for offices and corporate companies. These services are very important for these offices and that is why these services are so popular among the people all over the globe. There are many companies that provide buy vpn online services to the clients and one of the finest in the business is MyiP.

There are different plans that MyiP provides to the customers and you can choose the best one that fits your business. Some of the plans are as follows:

Extra Small VPN

Medium VPN

Extra Large VPN

Boss VPN

There are many features of the services provided by that MyiP and some of the popular ones are as follows:

The VPNís here are easy to connect and hence is compatible with all devices

The VPN here is 2048 bit encryption, which makes it strong and secure

The servers provided by the company are 1Gbit connections and cloud based and that is the reason why these servers are fast

The VPN provided by the company comes with excellent and custom made control panel

There are many types of payment methods for your convenience

The skilled professionals are there to guide and assist the users

These are some of the popular features of the services provided by MyiP. MyiP has been very popular among the customers all over the globe because of the wide range of plans that they provide to the customers. The tailor made packages are also very popular among the clients as they can easily choose the one plan that fits the business of the client and that is why these services are very popular among the people all over the globe. There are many business houses who look for these quality services and MyiP has been very much successful in providing vpn buy to the customers. So if you are looking for excellent quality buy vpn services then get it from MyiP. That is why ifb you are looking for these services then get the finest from the company today. There are many customers who are using these services from the company.

Contact Information:

Telephone: +1 315 505 4556

E-mail: support@myip.io

Web Address: https://www.myip.io/

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