Full understanding of Airwheel new intelligent electric bicycle and helmets

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - A batch of new products was released on 29th, Sep 2015 including Airwheel Z3, M3, F3 and S6. With the interval of half year, Airwheel held another new products release conference, held in Germany in March 2016 with the join of Airwheel S8, S9, C3, C5 intelligent helmets and Z5. From the above description, there are two main points needing our attention. Firstly, the number of new products is larger and then the interval time is shorter compared with others. The R&D capability is once again fully displayed.

The most revolutionary product is Airwheel S9 with the ability to keep out of obstacles before it and map out the route effectively show the advancement in AI. Airwheel S8 electric scooter with seat is equipped with adjustable operating rod in C shape to meet different stature people’s demands and to have better load capacity.

Two auxiliary devices, that is, C3 and C5 are born to protect the rider from hurt and at the same time it can be used as a recreational device. No matter people steer Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter or other kinds of vehicles, the protection gears are needed. While, Airwheel C3 and C5 are more than protection gears, with such functions as playing music and taking photos.

Characterised by its convenience, safety and portability, Airwheel Z5 eco-friendly electric scooter is born to arrest the public’s attention. With the modular battery, which adds an USB port to it, Airwheel Z5 brings much convenience to the riders. The headlights and rear lights ensure a safe ride at night. Airwheel Z5 boasts its portability of triple folding system covering only a small space that can be easily carried into elevator, subway, bus, or stored in the trunk of a car.

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Company Name: Airwheel Technology Holding (USA) Co., Ltd
Contact Person: Eric
Address: Los Angeles, California, USA
E-mail: sales@airwheel.net
Website: [URL]http://www.airwheel.net[/URL]

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