What do Geeks Love for Transportation of Airwheel intelligent Personal Transport Vehicle?

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - At first, geek refers to those who spend spare time on the Internet and immerse themselves in finding novel things such as software, books and MP3, etc. Now geek culture becomes increasingly popular focusing on science, technology, freedom and innovation. With a strong affection to the new idea, geeks will be greatly attracted by Airwheel S9 intelligent robot.

Nowadays, intelligent robots have already been applied in space exploration, maritime development, atomic energy, industrial automation and other areas. However, due to the extremely high cost, ordinary people can hardly have access to this. As a pioneer in the electric scooter sector, Airwheel is committed to making new breakthroughs in intelligent robots and Airwheel S9 wheeled mobile robot is a result of the great efforts. It is a wheel-base intelligent robot and is developed from Airwheel S6. Based on the self-balance operation principle, Airwheel S9 can achieve human-computer interaction by the inner laser and radar systems.

Also, it can automatically avoid the roadblocks and design the route with positioning systems such as GPRS, WIFI and network bases. This new way of transportation subverts the traditional concept and totally frees the riders’ feet and hands in order to live a smart and easy life. One does not need to stop to answer the phone or check the messages, which is quite efficient. Geek would find it exciting to ride Airwheel S9 as it changes the lifestyle and there remain many possibilities.

In the future, various kinds of hardware will be added to Airwheel S9 balance robot to improve its functions. For example, it can be linked with cloud based intelligent system to be the central controller for the smart house so that it can control the lamps and electric appliances, travel in the house to check everything and make photographs to let the family owner know what is happening at home.

Airwheel S9 will bring more imagination to fascinate the geek and improve people’s life.

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