Airwheel C3 Intelligent Men's helmet, Suitable Choice for Food Deliverymen

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - The intelligent helmet is a new kind of high-tech wearable device for the riders to guarantee the safety and nowadays it is widely used in many areas including logistics, transportation, public security and municipal facilities, etc. As an upgraded version of traditional helmet, Airwheel C3 bluetooth helmet has multiple functions such as communication, photograph and data record, etc. Due to the flexibility and intelligence, Airwheel C3 cool motorcycle helmet is suitable for the food delivery services.

First of all, safety should be placed in high priority for the deliverymen. Helmet is an essential device for riding since the head and eyes need to be well protected in case of accidents. Airwheel C3 smart helmet is made of high quality materials which cannot be easily broken. Also, it has a transparent windshield to protect the eyes efficiently. Airwheel C3 conforms to ergonomics principle which can adapt to different head sizes to ensure comfortable riding.

The strap can be adjusted to tighten or loose the helmet to find the best-fit. Airwheel C3 considers every detail from the perspective of customers to make innovations. It adopts bluetooth transmission technology for the rider to easily answer the call without stopping. This helps the deliverymen a lot since they usually have many calls from the customers. If they donít have the smart helmet, they have to stop to answer it, wasting much time and sometimes may causing dangers.

Besides, Airwheel C3 intelligent helmet is equipped with the camera to take photos or videos at anytime. The glass lens with wide viewing angle and anti-shake design helps the rider to record every exciting moment during riding. After finishing the work, the deliveryman can have intervals to enjoy the scenery and share it with the friends or family members.

Airwheel C3 custom helmet helps ensure the riderís safety and enhances oneís riding experience by taking safety and enjoyment into consideration. Therefore, it is the most suitable choice for deliverymen.

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