Experts Reveal The Varying Reasons Why Feet Calluses Develop

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Orlando, FL – April 25, 2015 - Calluses are thought to be hardened skin layers on the surface that protect the skin. There are many reasons why calluses develop, and these risk factors are essential for individuals who do not want to have calluses.

Experts reveal the varying reasons why feet calluses develop. Otherwise known as tylomas or keratomas, calluses are thickened layers of dead skin cells. They develop when there the skin is exposed to friction or pressure.

Calluses in the feet can be ugly, unsightly, and even embarrassing for some people. While they develop as a way for the body to protect the skin, they need to be eliminated once they cause pain. Symptoms of calluses are thickening and discoloration of the skin.

The affected skin area may also experience a burning sensation. When calluses worsen, it often leads to pain, tenderness around the callus, pus, swelling, and fever.

According to experts, calluses on the feet are caused by friction and pressure. There can be instances when friction and pressure can cause calluses such as wearing ill-fitted footwear. This means wearing tight-fitting, too small, or narrow-toed shoes.

Friction and pressure may also be due to improper socks. These socks are the types that bunch up at the toes and cause friction. Walking barefoot is also one of the risk factors.

Individuals with flat feet, such as those with low arches and unstable feet, are also at risk of calluses. Those who have bunions may find calluses forming over the swelling. Other risk factors are athletic activities, abnormal gait, high-arched feet, obesity, bony bumps, and Using worn-down pads on soles of feet.

While calluses are often painless, many people find them unsightly or unattractive. There are also those who take measures to remove the thickened skin layers to reduce their risk of pain and infection. When the callus becomes too thick, it can break.

When the callus breaks, it makes the skin susceptible to infection. In individuals with diabetes, calluses should be given proper attention to avoid complications.

There are individuals who regularly have salon visits to have their calluses removed. There are also those who would rather have a feet-pampering experience right at their very own homes. There are natural remedies for calluses, and one is a product called electric callus remover.

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