Airwheel S8 good quality electric scooter Gets Environmentally-friendly and Free Transportation

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - 26, April 2016: Global climate change has greatly influenced people’s lives, threatening to raise the sea level, damage the balance of ecological system and ultimately the survival of the human beings. On the other hand, the emission of greenhouse gas increases the temperature of land area while reduces the temperature gap between land and marine, leading to slow atmospheric circulation and the frequent occurrence of smoggy phenomenon.


As a leading electric scooter manufacturer, Airwheel aims to make daily transportation environmentally-friendly and free. Airwheel S8 electric walkcar is developed to meet this priority. Firstly, Airwheel S8 is equipped with high-quality batteries which has gained international recognition. Powered by green electricity, Airwheel S8 has no air nor noise pollution for the environment and human beings. Therefore, as for the short-distance transportation, Airwheel S8 not only achieves convenient point-to-point commute but also great sustainability.


Besides, traveling by Airwheel S8 electric scooter is full of freedom. It adapts to both standing and sitting postures, liberating the rider’s hands. Also, it is much easier for the riders to keep balance since the gravity center is much lower when the rider sits on the scooter. Also, due to its small and flexible body, it can avert the traffic congestion in rush hours without wasting any time. Therefore it is suitable for the office workers who live not far from the office building or the housewives who have to go outside to finish the shopping list frequently. In addition, Airwheel S8 saddle-equipped electric scooter is equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tyres with good shock resistance and grip ability which adapt to different road conditions for the rider to travel freely. Its operation bar is adjustable to suit the riders with different heights and the unique streamlined C shape design makes the turning more flexible to ensure comfortable riding experience.

Sustainable and free, Airwheel S8 double wheeled electric scooter benefits not only the environment but also the human beings.


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Phone: +8618651968700

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