Rocqup offers access to Free Salon Software to Grow Health and Beauty Business

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Rocqup encourages the health and beauty businesses in trying their new free salon software designed to give businesses 24/7 access to potential clients ready to make appointments.

It is quick and easy to register with rocqup and be ready in a matter of minutes. Once the business is registered, it is discoverable on rocqup marketplace and ready to accept booking from their esteemed clients. Business owners will also gain instant access to a full comprehensive booking software with amazing auto-pilot marketing features and a rocqup business page for building their profile and brand. In a sense, their rocqup profile is another form of branding strategy that allow them to have instant web and mobile presence.

Businesses that sign up with rocqup are now mobile-ready, discoverable through rocqup marketplace and ready to accept online-bookings which offer an edge in the competition. Appointment availabilities and online bookings made are linked directly to the businesses’ appointment books automatically and confirmed instantly with the customers. As a business owner, rocqup will free up users’ time in answering their calls to schedule appointments and it works 24/7 to help them fills their appointment books.

Rocqup offers so many game changing features for health and beauty businesses hence they are very eager in getting the word out there. Everything becomes easier, simpler and more convenient while new appointments constantly rolling in for users’ business. Check it out today and learn more about it by visiting

To know more about rocqup, please visit . For inquiries, please email

Milane Hughes
Company: Rocqup
Address: Lvl 8/51 Queen St, Melbourne, VIC 3000 Australia
Phone: 1300 552 535

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