RFIDHY Offers RFID Laundry Tags that Guarantee More Reliable and Efficient Laundry Processes

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - With the increasing demands for more reliable and efficient laundry processes, exclusive selections of finest laundry tags are now made available. There is now a complete range of RFID laundry tags that perfectly meet the requirements and demands of different business environments.

These products are now readily available and exclusively offered by RFIDHY Shanghai Huayuan Smart Information Technology Co. Ltd. A trusted company manufacturing and supplying RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), inlays, cards, tags, reader modules that can be of used for industries like transportation, security and protection, anti-counterfeiting, tourism and more.

The RFID tags that the company offers are specially designed to comply with the latest frequency standards set worldwide therefore these laundry tags are easily compatible with various RFID readers to efficiently power the RFID systems like access controls, asset tracking and WIP tracking system.

The RFID washable tag is well engineered materials especially packaged for clothes washing and clothes management. This tag is usually implanted with UHF RFID chips operating at a given frequency and reading particular distance with great dry cleaning washable feature, environmental adaptability, direct ironing and many other notable features. Other RFID tags are also available including UHF laundry tags, HF, LF, and other active RFID tags to suit individuals’ tracking needs.

These laundry tags also served as washing labels to dyeing and cloth printing industry and other professional fields particularly tailored to durable, green, non-toxic and safe label. These laundry tags can also be used on high humidity, high labor intensity and high temperature operating conditions. The company also covers RFID tags for every frequency. Starting from the passive tags which only transmit signal when in close proximity to readers up to active tags which further act as beacons to broadcast signal continuously. There is definitely the best RFID tag to meet every need for particular business application.

There are RFID tags with different features that are also being offered so whether individuals are looking for RFID tags to effectively track the retail inventory, people or livestock and monitor valuable cargo to make sure that these are not tampered. There are RFID tags with the right features provided that matches users’ RFID exclusive readers’ requirements.

Diverse businesses environments need different frequencies. Every frequency provides individuals with the ability to connect with RFID readers within long, medium and short range. Regardless of read range that individuals need, they can find the best RFID tags based on frequency that they exactly need from RFIDHY.

For more efficient and reliable laundry processes and effective tracking, use only the top quality RFID tags offered by the company.

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Company: RFIDHY Shanghai Huayuan Smart Information Technology Co., Ltd.
Contact Person: Mr. Li
Address: Room 709, Jindu Mansion, NO. 277, WuXing Road, Shanghai, China
E-mail: alice.sales@rfidhy.com
Website: http://www.rfidhy.com

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