RFIDHY’s Tags Suitable for RFID Industry Application

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - RFIDHY offers a wide range of RFID cards, tags, inlays and reader modules suitable for RFID industry application.

The NFC tags industry and RFID tags industry is continuously growing. NFC (Near Field Communication) is a short-range wireless communication technology similar to Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, but works over short range (usually 10 centimeters or less). RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), on the other hand, includes wireless transaction processing and data capture. Long range (Vicinity) and short range (Proximity) are two main application areas where this technology is used. The contactless card industry provides more functionality and benefits to users today.

RFIDHY’s RFID products can be used for various applications such as in-motion or static assets locating or tracking. Users can immediately find the location of tagged assets inside a facility through the help of active RFID technology. They can also define logical zones and keep tabs on high traffic areas. RFID tags can be used in hospitals to track special patients and newly born babies. It can also be used in jails. This technology offers an easy tracking system that allows the authorities to monitor their inmates.

RFID document-tracking systems also help businesses save money and time by reducing the legal and financial impact of losing documents and time spent on looking for lost files. Government libraries can benefit from RFID technology as well. Many government libraries make use of electromagnetic strips and barcodes to monitor different assets. RFID technology uses these barcodes for reading. The best thing about RFID-powered barcode readers is that these tools can read several items at the same time. This reduces queues and the employees needed at the circulation desks while increasing the number of consumers using self-check.

The information stored on RFID tags can be repeatedly and constantly updated as well. RFID tags provide a longer read range and can be installed on factory floors where they can be scanned from scanners and forklifts at a distance.

The RFID & chip card industry also makes things easier for users. In healthcare, this technology can help reduce medication errors, staff shortages and costs. RFID technology also offers an easy way of managing arduous manufacturing processes. It can help reduce bottlenecks and time spent on finding products and parts. This technology also helps businesses find errors, better analyze the situation and make the right decisions to guarantee the success of whatever process they may have. Integrating RFID into manufacturing processes can help improve process and production lines.

RFIDHY’s RFID products are of premium quality and passed a series of tests to guarantee their performance. The company offers these products at competitive prices to meet all budgets.

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