Monogramonline.Com Offers Personalized Custom Monograms for Bridesmaid Gifting

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Based in New York, Monogramonline Inc. is a customized and personalized gift company. The company, which has more than twenty five years of experience, recently organized a press, meets to celebrate the passion for weddings. The company recently announced a special Bridal gift collection including bridesmaid custom gifts. All are currently available on their official website -

April 27, 2016
Since 1989, Monogramonline Inc. has been in business, and while the company started off as a wholesaler and manufacturer for custom made jewelry pieces, it expanded into more horizons in 1999. Talking of their new range of personalized custom monograms for bridesmaid, the company discussed many aspects of their services with the local press, with all the company leaders present

Monogramonline’s marketing manager of the company spoke about personalized gift giving, which remains one of the main highlights for their website. The company launched their website, Monogramonline.Com, in the year 2011, and the team wanted to discuss the wide range of new monograms and gifts. Which have also been launched in sync with their Bridal and wedding collection. The head of public relations team discussed about how the company is passionate about making special occasions count for the buyers, and with their new range of bridesmaid and groomsmen gift products it is a step ahead in the same direction. intends to make online ordering of personal gift items easier than ever. The company head added that Monogramonline Inc. wanted to make buyers and their guests happy, which is why the collection has launched. Apart from the gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen, there are special gift items that can be selected for other guests, including children.

The team assured that ordering products or customizing gift products would be easier than ever. The website has been revamped recently, and more products will be added in due course. The company management hinted towards new range of personalized gifts for brides and grooms, promising that there will be official announcements soon.

Monogram Personal Gifts stands for style and design, and the company is only aiming to expand to more markets with their competitive pricing and friendly customer service. PR head of the firm also added that Monogramonline Inc. intends to invest hugely in their customer support in days to come. The company has been named among the best in business for personalized gifts.

About Monogramonline Inc
Monogramonline Inc. is a national company, which deals in customized gifts and personalized monograms. The company was established in 1989 and initially worked as a wholesaler of such projects, before exploring to new markets. After working in the retail industry, the company also entered the online retail sector with their website –, which offers a wide range of products, that can be easily customized on the website for easy ordering. They offer provide unique wedding gifts, mainly meant for brides, grooms, bridesmaid, groomsmen and guests.
Media Contact Details-
Monogramonline Inc.
575 Underhill Blvd
Syosset, NY 11791
Phone: +1 856-320-3210


Monogramonline Inc

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