Attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group Successfully Stop Foreclosure Immediately for Their Clients

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Los Angeles, California - One of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner is losing their home after receiving a foreclosure notice. Foreclosure can be devastating financially, impairing credit, making it impossible to buy a house or car immediately afterwards, and the emotional strain is intense. A large percentage of homeowners are unaware that a foreclosure attorney can stop a foreclosure and save their homes. In many cases, borrowers rely on their lenders to help them save their homes without understanding that their lender may be taking advantage of them. The best way to stop a foreclosure is to get legal help from a foreclosure lawyer .

In the state of California, the Homeowners Bill of Rights protects homeowners from losing their homes and fighting fraudulent mortgage practices. When it comes to stopping illegal foreclosures, the California foreclosure law limits what lenders can do before starting the foreclosure process. The foreclosure laws in California make it illegal for mortgage lenders to start the foreclosure process without first offering alternative solutions such as loan modifications. Foreclosure attorneys use the law to protect homeowners against wrongful foreclosure.

As soon as a notice of foreclosure is received, the best advice is to call a foreclosure attorney at Consumer Action Law Group. Their foreclosure attorneys have a long and successful track record of stopping foreclosure and giving free legal advice to stop foreclosure immediately.

How to Stop Foreclosure

There are several legal options that a foreclosure lawyer will consider depending on the borrower’s specific situation. The most common legal strategies to stop foreclosure include filing a lawsuit or a bankruptcy.

Filing a Lawsuit

Foreclosure lawyers are specially qualified to stop and reverse wrongful foreclosure. They search for evidence of a wrongful foreclosure and file a lawsuit against a lender. The most common illegal practice in California is “dual tracking”. When a borrower is in the process of applying for a loan modification, a lender cannot move forward with foreclosure. If the lender sends a notice of default or notice of trustee sale while a borrower is applying for a loan modification, it is best to immediately contact a foreclosure lawyer.

Filing Bankruptcy

A lawyer can immediately stop foreclosure by filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. A borrower that qualifies for bankruptcy can save their assets, eliminate their debts, and stop the foreclosure process. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is not the same as chapter 13 bankruptcy and it is important to talk to a lawyer to understand how bankruptcy works and whether it makes sense to file or not.

A foreclosure lawyer may advise a homeowner to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy if the borrower can afford to start making mortgage payments after filing. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy will stop the foreclosure process and allow the homeowner to catch up on missed payments. Bankruptcy is not available for everyone; a homeowner will need to prove that they have enough income to be able to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

Applying for a loan modification, short sale, or deed in lieu of foreclosure

A homeowner is strongly advised to contact the lender directly to apply for a modification or a short sale, prior to hiring an attorney. The same is true for requesting a deed-in-lieu of foreclosure. Applying for a loan modification in California should stop the foreclosure process until the lender determines whether they will approve or deny the request. The same is true for a short sale; which allows homeowner to sell their home when they owe more than the house is worth, after acquiring the lender’s approval. Similarly, a deed in lieu stops the foreclosure process by transferring interest in the property to the lender. The outcome of a short sale or deed in lieu is that the home will be vacated and the borrower will voluntarily leave the home in good condition.

About Consumer Action Law Group

Consumer Action Law Group is a trusted law firm in Los Angeles, California. Their foreclosures lawyers have successfully stopped hundreds of foreclosures for California residents. Anyone who lives in California can call Consumer Action Law Group to stop foreclosure and receive free legal advice. Attorneys at Consumer Action Law Group have stopped foreclosures within 5 minutes of the call coming in. Consumer Action Law Group is currently offering free legal advice to California Residents who need foreclosure help by calling 818-254-8413.

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