Encourages the Beefier Biker with Solid Advice

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - US - Clydesdale cycling has been a popular sport and consistent exercise for many over the years. But it has also been one of those exercises which typically require a rather fit bod. is helping change the trend with its latest gears and tips for heavy cyclists who take the long road. The site comes out with regular blogs that range from advantages of cycling for heavier people to suitably strong gear that is now available for sale. has a checklist for basic cleaning and maintenance of bicycles as well. The site assures cyclists of increased lifespan and performance by following the tips. “But our best deals come with the T-shirts. These have sizes large enough for heavy bikers,” said the “Clydesdale Cyclist” himself, who recently updated the blog about the newly released range of cycling tshirts found on the internet.

The t-shirts that are recommended have solid colors and attractive artwork. “The t-shirts are meant to complement the pashion cyclists have, and are perfect to wear on or off the bike. These companies kept the comfort quotient alive because they use top quality fabric in the t-shirts,” said the CEO of also provides a comprehensive guide on how to choose the best Clydesdale bike . The company claims they have just the bikes that young and old heavy bikers would love to ride. The guide also talks about the many features that a heavy biker should look for in the cycle. While the experts in the site refrain from recommending an ultimate bike for the heavy rider, they have posted a list of features that each should look for in the bike.

The CEO of recently briefed the media. He said: “We have always looked at cycling more as a passion than just exercise. And you do not need a particular body type to practice your passion. This is the sole reason we decided to come out with the blog to support heavier people. And the response we have received is certainly flattering.”

About the Company is a dedicated large cycling blog that promotes cycling products for larger people. The company has released a new range of posts to this effect.

More information about on-road cycling is available at

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