csgosk sale:Buy CSGO Skins been leaked on the E-League website

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The apprehension for the televised E-League CSGO clash is architecture as the alpha date draws close. Now the groups accept to Buy CSGO Skins been leaked on the E-League website.

It is rumoured that the 24 aristocratic teams will be disconnected into two seperate groups for the Atlanta based League. The accumulation advice was reportedly leaked on the E-League website afore the CSGO reddit stumbled aloft it and it was taken down.

It’s now been acquaint on the Global Offensive Reddit, analysis that out HERE or see the groups below. Some commenters accept acquaint to say they anticipate it could accept been a test, but we’ll accept to delay for the official advertisement so don’t yield this groups as actuality just yet.

E-League Accumulation A Teams

poland Virtus Pro

Aus Banderole Renegades

swedish NIP

German Banderole Mousports

usa Cloud9

brazil Luminosity Gaming

usa Aggregation Liquid

usa Counter Logic Gaming

danish SK Gaming

danish Dignitas

danish Astralis

swedish Fnatic

E-League Accumulation B Teams

canada OpTic Gaming

usa NRG eSports

usa Echo Fox

usa Aggregation Solomid

usa CompLexity

ceramics Tyloo

CIS Na’vi

ukraine Flipsid3

russia alliance Gambit

Fr Aggregation EnvyUs

Fr G2 eSports

eu banderole FaZe Clan

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