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E- News 29th of April 2016
Meet a leading European payment service provider - Making Credit Card Payment In The Adult Industry 100% Reliable & Secure
Nowadays, the online adult entertainment industry has set a fast pace, especially with the expansion of the digital world. This definitely triggered a lot of other industries, one of which credit card processing and merchant accounts for adult content.
Let's face it - the credit card processing industry is a no-brainer for any adult website. Whether you want to target potential viewers to subscribe and pay with their credit cards, or be in their shoes and undertake a 100% reliable merchant account, you have to be risk free of any fraud.
The truth is, fraudulent issues occur on a daily basis online. The adult industry is the main target for such Internet crime, which is why the adult merchant accounts and payment processors are classified as ones with 'high risk'. In fact, many merchant account providers refuse to offer their credit card processing services for adult entertainment, which leaves many website owners with no choice.
However, there are still a few reliable and professional adult credit card payment processors on the marketplace. One of them is, well known and recognized on a company that prides itself in delivering risk-free payment processing and merchant services.
But what defines a company like as the adult payment processor one should work with?
Well, many things. As the CEO of GH-Bill states, "There are merchant services that provide adult credit card processing, and then there are the ones that specialize in that. Undoubtedly, we represent the second type and specialize in the adult entertainment business - to assist every customer in a risk-free purchase and utmost discretion."
Technically, a reliable adult merchant and credit card processing provider that specializes in risk-free adult and porn content excels in this service with a wide portfolio. As an example for such service, we have taken once again. Their risk-free payment service for adult websites includes electronic wallet, credit card billing with VISA and MasterCardas well as pre-approvals in 24 hours. Moreover, GH-Bill is an ideal adult payment processing partner to work with because of their low processing rates that start at 4.6% as well as low to high risk merchant processing service.
So, which business in the adult industry wouldn't like a partner that processes all major credit cards, from Visa to MasterCard, AMEX, Diners and JCB?
In the end, choosing an adult payment processing service that specializes in the industry translates to running a safe and stable adult business. is definitely among the best high risk merchant services there are on the marketplace, and the perfect payment gateway solution for every successful adult website.

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