The Most Versatile Webinar Software Finally Hit The Market – "Run A Webinar" From Sam Bakker

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(Presseportal openBroadcast) - Run A Webinar is Product Creator Sam Bakkers genius solution to the ongoing Webinar Trend.... Not enough attendee space, Webinars lag. Go To Webinar is notorious for these issues. Run A Webinar lets you have unlimited registrants, Questions and Answers with Public Chat. You can have multi-lingual webinars.

Point is, Run a Webinar is the hottest product review. When I reviewed RunAWebinar, I got a full Run A Webinar Review and you can find it on Zack Ryan Reviews. Run A Webinar runs live webinars with Amazon, hosted on their servers so there is no lag time like you would see on Google hangouts.

Sam Bakker also included in Run A Webinar the ability to create custom landing pages. This allows you to get registrations for your Run A Webinar Live Webinar, or Webinar Replay. You can also use your own landing page software such as clickfunnels, leadpages and more. You can collect Registrants E-Mails through API integration of many of the leading autoresponders such as mailchimp, getresponse, Aweber and more using RunAWebinar.

Run A Webinar runs through firefox browser, which is easy to do, extremely fast, simple setup of your Webinar and more. Because RunAWebinar runs through firefox, it allows you to have unlimited registrants which means you can load up Run A Webinar with aas many people as you'd like.

Like many other Webinar softwares out there, RunAWebinar has access to live screen streaming to allow attendees access to your screen during the Webinar to demonstrate easily. Webinars have never been this simple before, and never needed to be so complicated.

RunAWebinar allows you to have multiple webinar hosts, speakers, screen sharers and more! If someone is getting out of hand, you can easily just boot them out of the Run A Webinar live stream.

Run A Webinar is going to come smashing out of the gates and you don't want to miss out on Insane RunAWebinar Bonuses. You can see my full Run A Webinar Review on my YouTube Channel.

Sam Bakker was also nice enough to swing by and do a Google Hangout with me live to discuss his new Webinar Software "Run A Webinar" and we get into the importance of Webinars and Webinar Replays. To know more please visit

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I have full in the dashboard features of RunAWebinar so you know exactly what to expect when you purchase Run A Webinar.

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